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Start your own Tracking Business

This guide shows you how to start your own GPS tracking business with your own brand.
In our partnership we provide you with tracking solutions & Hardware and you build the relationships and provide services and support to your customers.
Please read all the sections below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! You reach us by email at
Private Label GPS Tracking Websites

Earn continuous recurring revenue with minimal effort
By setting up your own GPS tracking server, you control all aspects of the system and are free to charge your customers as you wish. GPS vehicle tracking software enhances fleet efficiency and provides insight into vehicle and employee activity resulting in big savings for any business. 
Global Tracking Capabilities
Our system is a complete tracking solution which can operate anywhere globally where GSM is available.  With a single server installation, you can monitor thousands of targets, and display their location on maps with crystal clear detail right down to street level. 
Why choose SkyTrack?
With the volume buying power of SkyTrack, our pricing allows you to compete globally in the GPS tracking arena.  The system is compatible exclusively with our custom designed and programmed with our devices. 
A Complete GPS Solution
We provide everything you need to start making money with your own GPS tracking solution. We offer industry leading support, affordability, mapping technology and tracking hardware.  We supply all necessary components for you to get started, just add a server from your side running Linux or Windows XP professional. 
For a free demonstration please contact at 
  • Training and documentation on how to setup and operate the system.
  • No recurring charges.
  • No per asset charges.
  • Worldwide mapping coverage.
  • Maintenance and support.
  • Regular software upgrades as new features and enhancements are added.

Starter package: 
Track up to 1000 vehicles or assets

Advanced package:
Track Unlimited vehicles or assets

Required Components: 
  • Intel Xeon 3110 (Dual Core)
  • 4 GB DDR2 Memory
  • 2 X 250 GB Hard Drive
  • 1,500 GB Bandwidth
  • 13 Dedicated IPs
Please note: This package includes only software. The actual server, which can be any PC running Linux must be supplied by the customer.  A yearly licensing fee of $400.00 applies to all packages.  The licensing fee covers all technical support, training and upgrades.
*Please be advised that our server/tracking software is designed to be specifically used with our supplied and programmed hardware only, unless approved by SkyTrack in writing.  Infractions of this policy can result in suspension or termination of software. 

Contact Information

  • Telephone: +852-8192-9296
  • Address:SkyTrack Telematics Co. Ltd
    23,Level 3,A Block,BaiWang Building,
    Xili,ShaHe Xi Road, NanShan District ,Shenzhen City,
    Guangdong Province,China-518000.