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Specialised Industry Solutions

Maintain and manage your construction fleet effectively with GPS tracking and maintenance schedules based on engine hours. Reduce equipment theft and monitor time on jobsite. Protect your heavy machinery and reduce your carbon footprint... Learn More

image004.gifCable & Telecom
Narrow service windows, add more service calls in the day and hit your delivery times more often - key elements of a successful cable and telecom fleet... Learn More

More accurate delivery times, efficient multi-vehicle routing and an environmentally-friendly green fleet mean happier customers, easier TOD management and improved profitability... Learn More

image008.gifField Services
Cure your field service fleet management headaches with a system that gives you instant, optimized routing and better operational efficiency. Exceed customer expectations with reliable, accurate delivery times... Learn More

image010.gifFleet Leasing
Track leased fleet vehicles to understand total cost of ownership, reduce insurance premiums, improve vehicle security and receive preventative maintenance alerts... Learn More

image012.gifFood & Beverage
Accurate delivery times, less shrinkage, efficient multi-vehicle routing means time-critical food and beverage delivery trucks keep customers happy and within budget... Learn More

Rapid response, efficient management of federal fleets to minimize environmental impact and improve fuel economy. A combined GIS system means disparate fleets can be effectively coordinated... Learn More

Insurance companies can use speeding and safety data to improve underwriting. Enterprises can lower premiums with comprehensive GPS... Learn More

Utilize baseline diagnostic data within internal engineering teams. Give dealers the opportunity to benefit from a co-branded telematics service. Differentiate in the market with telematics... Learn More

image020.gifOil, Gas & Mining
Improve operational efficiency and employee safety by monitoring assets in isolated locations. Improve control rooms with GIS overlays and real-time assets on the same map. Utilize both satellite and cellular real-time GPS tracking... Learn More

image022.gifPest Control
Service more calls in a day with multi-vehicle routing, rapid response to urgent jobs, more accurate ETAs and easy 2-way communication with pest control staff... Learn More

Command large utility fleets with ease from a central dashboard. Rapidly respond to emergency service calls with the right vehicle for the job... Learn More

image026.gifUtilities – Cooperatives
Rural Electric Cooperatives need fleet management software that integrates with critical systems such as MultiSpeak and Milsoft DisSpatch, reducing outage times and providing greater transparency on fleet activities... Learn More

image028.gifWaste Management
Improve operational efficiency and customer service. Reduce missed pickups. Win more RFPs with the ability for your customers to view restricted performance information... Learn More

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