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SkyTrack’s GPS fleet tracking service removes the blindfolds for organizations of all types by delivering accurate, real-time information on the location and activities of their fleet vehicles.
Our vehicle tracking system enables you to gain a deeper insight into your daily field operations, and take action to increase profits and be more competitive.
Most people think that GPS tracking is only about vehicle location. But SkyTrack  customers use our fleet management solutions to do much more and we make you more competitive in business. 
SkyTrack range of fleet management solutions are used by companies of all sizes to improve productivity, enhance customer service levels and reduce cost. To learn more about how our solutions can be tailored to your industry and environment please click on the following links or contact us to discuss a customised solution.
Consumer Solutions
We offer various vehicle tracking solutions tailored to the needs of the consumer market. This gives you the peace of mind knowing your loved ones are traveling safely. You can even track your vehicles via your mobile phone bringing vehicle tracking to your fingertips.
Commercial Solutions
We offer a variety of fleet management solutions to the commercial sector. Our technology captures vehicle data which fleet managers can use to monitor vehicle and driver behavior. The return on investment can save huge amounts especially on fuel usage making our solutions value for money.
Specialised Industry Solutions
SkyTrack Telematics offers solutions to meet your industry specific needs. We have a variety of tailored solutions which target industries from the Bus & Coach market to the Oil & Gas industry and much more. Detailed knowledge about our customers’ organizations and the sectors in which they operate enables SkyTrack Telematics to create solutions that provide a rapid return on investment for every industry.
Safety & Security
We offer a wide range of tracking products and solutions to individuals and commercial customers. These ensure safety and peace of mind to our customers.
Mobile Resource management
Our business solutions help companies achieve greater vehicle utilization thereby increasing their bottom lines by accessing real-time information on demand.

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