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GPS Tracking advantages in Fleet management

  • Set Alerts based on a number of parameters, including speeding alerts and Geofence alerts (travelling in / out of predefined areas).
  • Measure your workers activities in the field. Increase vehicle, driver and cargo security. 24*365 Real-time Alarm Monitoring System.
  • Reduce fuel expenses by monitoring unauthorised use of company vehicles and after hours driving.
  • Reduce insurance claims and premiums by monitoring driver speeds and behavior.
  • Improve productivity by allocating jobs to the closest worker in the area, reducing travel time between jobs and improving route planning.
  • Electronic timesheets verifies work hours of drivers, reducing admin costs and verifies overtime claims.
  • Reduce communication costs by not having to call drivers to know there whereabouts.
  • Increase customer service levels by improved response times.
  • Reduce liability to Fatigue Management
  • Reduce wear and tear on vehicles.
  • Delivery time and place verification in the event of delivery disputes.
  • Calculate job costing based on travel time and time spent on site.

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