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Fuel Tracker

SkyTrack Fuel Tracker can enable you to quickly find out fuel usage patterns & fuel thefts and take actions to avoid them.

Fuel Theft Alert:

Do you have problems with fuel theft?

Fuel is a valuable asset that is hard to keep track of. It is hard to find out if a few liters has been stolen from your tank. Some customers suspect that they have fuel thefts but they have no way of knowing for sure.

SkyTrack Fuel Vehicle Tracker can enable you to quickly find out about fuel thefts and take actions to avoid them.

Business Value:

As you can get alerted when the fuel theft is taking place you have a chance to act directly. You also have a better chance to avoid stolen fuel in the future. You can see if there are certain areas where fuel is stolen on a regular basis and avoid those places or make the drivers aware of the risk of theft in those areas. Many customers that have activated fuel theft alerts report a significantly lower amount of fuel thefts.

How does it work?

A SkyTrack Fuel Vehicle Tracker solution can monitor the fuel level in your vehicles. If an unusual amount of fuel is lost in a short time period you can get alerts to mobile phones or over email. The alerts can also be input to reports that you can analyze and take actions on.

Technical Specifications

Content Specifications
Dimensions 7.5 L X 7.2 W X 2.2 H (cm)
Weight 160g
Network GSM/GPRS
GSM/GPRS Module Siemens/M35/Simcom
Band 900/1800/1900Mhz(can choose850 MHZ)
GPS chip SIRF3 chip
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
GPS accuracy 5 m
Time To First Fix Reacquisition 0.1s
Cold status 45s
Warm status 35s
Hot status 1s
Working Voltage DC 9V-30V
Location inquiring Cell Phone or online positioning platform
Battery Chargeable 3.7V /750mAh Li-ion battery
Standby work current < 30mA
Storage Temp. -40°C to +85°C
Operation Temp. -20°C to +70°C
Humidity 5%--95% non-condensing
Analog input 1
Internal Memory 2 MB
Digital Outputs 3
Digital Inputs 6
Fuel Sensor Voltage Can Detect 0V~12V

  • Live Tracking
  • Spy listening in the car
  • Accident Sensing alarm
  • Door Open Sensing alarm
  • Air condition Detection
  • Lights On/Off Detection
  • Ignition On/Off Detection
  • Door Lock/Unlock
  • Fuel monitoring /Usage of fuel
  • Real-time monitoring via Internet and Mobile SMS
  • Immobilizing of the engine
  • Upgradation of firmware via GPRS over the AIR
  • Drivers performance analysis
  • Depo Reports
  • Route deviation analysis
  • Over-speed reporting
  • Custom Geo-fencing creation
  • SOS

  • Avoidance of misuse of vehicles
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Theft protection of vehicle
  • Calculation of expected time of arrival and departure of vehicle
  • Tracking of number of trips made in particular time.
  • Monitor of over speeding to make up time, resulting in accidents.
  • Reduce unnecessary fuel consumption due to engine idling.
  • Monitoring of under- utilization of vehicle.
  • Monitor Fuel theft/ Excess consumption of fuel.
  • Get an alert when fuel is increased or decreased more than 3 litres.
  • Global positions.
  • Vehicle rental/ fleet management etc
  • Provide peace of mind for businessmen.
  • Mange personal.
  • Infrastructure & construction companies.

Contact Information

  • Telephone: +852-8192-9296
  • Address:SkyTrack Telematics Co. Ltd
    23,Level 3,A Block,BaiWang Building,
    Xili,ShaHe Xi Road, NanShan District ,Shenzhen City,
    Guangdong Province,China-518000.