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Your fleet vehicles at your fingertips with SkyTrack

When you want to be more competitive and profitable, accurate and timely knowledge of your fleet activities is the most important information you can have. Vehicle tracking removes the blindfolds - delivering this critical information right to your desktop through an extensive set of features.

Fleet Tracking

Monitor trips, stops and fleet activities to make smarter, quicker business decisions.


Supplement vehicle tracking with reports that display the activity of individual vehicles and/or your entire fleet.


Designate the delivery, job and customer locations that are unique and important to your fleet.

Job Scheduling:

Create, assign and track the status of your jobs with this versatile and easy-to-use feature.


View driving histories and plan more efficient routes.


Role-based access to assign specific roles for different users and hide/show certain vehicle tracking features.


SkyTrack provides vehicle tracking and custom fleet activity alerts for your phone.


Communicate instantly with your employees in the field.

Live View:

Learn not only where your vehicles are, but what they're doing.


Schedule, track and receive alerts for the maintenance of your fleet.


Make your existing software come alive with real-time vehicle tracking information.

Contact Information

  • Telephone: +852-8192-9296
  • Address:SkyTrack Telematics Co. Ltd
    23,Level 3,A Block,BaiWang Building,
    Xili,ShaHe Xi Road, NanShan District ,Shenzhen City,
    Guangdong Province,China-518000.