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Commercial Solutions

 We offer a variety of fleet management solutions to the commercial sector. Our technology captures vehicle data which fleet managers can use to monitor vehicle and driver behavior. The return on investment can save huge amounts especially on fuel usage making our solutions value for money.
image030.gifFuel Management 
Fuel is often the second biggest expense on a Fleet Manager's income statement and since you can't manage what you don't measure, we support a variety of methods to measure fuel - off the vehicle's using a fuel-flow meter.
Driver Safety 
SkyTrack provides integrated driver safety solutions to  businesses who embrace a culture of ensuring employee and community safety and maintain the highest standards. Often termed a driver monitor, the solution provides key safety information and functionality.
image034.gifJourney Management 
SkyTrack offers Journey Management solutions to our customers around the world. These dedicated and unique around-the-clock journey management expertises along with driver safety consulting are vitally important, especially within the Oil and Gas Industry.
image036.gifVehicle Performance 
SkyTrack provides arguably the broadest range of fleet management information available on the market today. Detailed information about the performance and movements of your drivers and vehicles is available at your fingertrips, delivered to our secure web hosted system. Where in turn,                         use can login and see the required details.
image038.gifCarbon Emissions 
Our products can help your company go green. Monitor and reduce fuel consumption, which will lead to a reduction in your fleet's carbon emissions.
image040.gifVehicle Tracking 
SkyTrack pioneered GSM/GPS based vehicle tracking technology  and has a number of different vehicle tracking products on offer - ranging from entry level products such as the Simple Tracker for pure tracking  to the sophisticated Tracking functionality. In fact just about every product                                available in SkyTrack Telematics' portfolio is equipped to offer tracking solutions of varying                                  complexity toconsumers and commercial customers.
image042.gifFleet Management 
SkyTrack offers a broad range of fleet management products and solutions. The technology provided by our flagship product, allows you to manage your fleet efficiently and effectively. We have a range of industry specific solutions to meet all your fleet management needs. 
image044.jpgFast & Powerful Mapping
Super-high performance map that displays thousands of assets in a single view. Supports multiple hardware types on the same mapping platform. Unequaled in today’s fleet management market. 
image046.jpgFind Closest Capable Driver
Enabling fleet managers to quickly locate a driver with the right skills and a vehicle with the right capabilities for the job.
image048.jpgFuel Efficiency Module
Real-time fuel tank levels, fuel consumed by each vehicle and fuel purchases. Compare against average, or expected, fuel efficiency. 
A suite of 50+ powerful reports run with a single click or are automatically emailed to your team in a range of different formats. Support for very large reports ideal for large fleets. 
image052.jpgEnterprise Dashboard
SkyTrack is the first to market with the Enterprise Dashboard, allowing managers to easily see crucial  KPIs for an entire fleet of thousands of vehicles. 
Search! enables you to quickly find any vehicle, driver, location or tagged group. This allows you to perform operations on subsets of your fleet with ease. 
image055.gifAdvanced Large Fleet Reporting
The SkyTrack Fleet report engine now uses cloud computing resources to generate massive reports. Most solutions are constrained in the amount of data that can be generated.The added insight                             provided by these reports allows large enterprise users to gather and analyze large amounts of data                   across their fleet.
Fleet, Driver & Team Management
Gain incredible insights into your drivers. You can even re-route drivers to save valuable fuel and time, with reported gains of up to two hours a day. 
Speeding Alert Against Posted Speed
Be alerted when any of your employees drive over the posted speed limit. History reports help validate your fleets’ improved safety record and can often reduce insurance premiums up to 15%. 
InSight Real-Time Alerts
Gain valuable business insights with SkyTrack’ real-time alerting and exception engine, InSight™. Real-time  GPS tracking gives you peace of mind, making it easy to monitor and stop unauthorized vehicle                     use. 
Landmarks and GeoFences
Visualize and report on important or prohibited locations with custom markers. Easily maintain your mapped areas of interest with bulk import or export of markers and categories. Markers can also be                    created via APIs. 
Satellite Imagery
SkyTrack delivers the most current and comprehensive sub-meter earth imagery commercially available, with new images being collected and uploaded every day.
image066.gifInternational Language and Time Zone Support
SkyTrack Fleet now supports 16 languages. Vehicles can also be tagged to report with specific time zones.
Maintenance Reporting
Improve safety and avoid expensive repairs with sophisticated tracking of vehicle service history. Automatic alerts instruct fleet managers when to schedule preventative maintenance.

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