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Challenges in Fleet management

Some of the common pain areas and their impact in fleet management can be summarized as follows:

Pain Areas
  • Unauthorized stoppage
  • Unauthorized route diversion
  • Cluttering of vehicles at loading, unloading & weighing points
  • Waiting at loading, unloading & weighing points
  • Enroute traffic jams/ contingencies
  • Vehicle movement at slow speed
  • Engine Idling during stoppage
  • Waiting at loading, unloading & weighing points
  • Less number of trips
  • Material theft
  • Over speeding to make up time, resulting in accidents
  • Fuel theft/ excess consumption of fuel
  • Less number of trips
  • Under-utilization of vehicles
  • Unplanned delays
  • Unnecessary fuel consumption due to engine idling

Solution and benefits

  • Live online tracking
  • Single view of all vehicles on online map
  • Replay of trip to analyse causes of delays
  • Analysis of every location data
  • Driver performance analysis
  • Stoppage analysis
  • Route deviation analysis
  • Vehicle event analysis
  • Over-speed reporting
  • Custom geo-zone creation
  • Trip summary analysis
  • Custom geo-zone creation
  • Trip summary analysis
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Effective planning of material movements
  • Theft protection of material
  • Calculation of expected time of arrival and departure of vehicles.
  • Tracking of number of trips made in particular time
  • Avoidance of misuse of vehicle

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