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8 Ways SkyTrack Pays You Back

In this tough economy, businesses are looking for a proven, safe way to increase profit margins without layoffs, sacrificing service levels or losing customers.

Discover how thousands of SkyTrack customers – from $1M businesses to $2B corporations – have increased revenue and cut costs… and why they can’t imagine doing business without our service.

1. More Jobs, More Revenue… Same Drivers! – What would one additional job or delivery per employee, per day mean for your bottom line? With more direct routing) and instant assignment/confirmation of new jobs, your drivers get will more done in the same amount of time, increasing your daily revenue. (Fig. 1)
2. Increases Your Competitive Edge – SkyTrack provides your customer service personnel with the ability to instantly verify service and/or delivery, accurately estimate time to jobs/deliveries, find the closest vehicles to important locations in just a few clicks, validate time spent on jobs, and vastly improve response times to emergencies. For most SkyTrack users, this leads to positive word of mouth and increased revenue due to their responsiveness and ability to answer customer questions with accurate information.

8ways.jpg3. Eliminates Excess Overtime and Wasteful Driving – Imagine not only cutting your payroll costs dramatically, but also knowing that you’re only paying for actual work performed by your drivers? SkyTrack’s fleet tracking service delivers the information you need to address both unnecessary overtime and unproductive driving habits.
You can target non-work related side trips, monitor vehicle usage off-hours, verify time spent on job sites versus what was expected, and eliminate wasted time due to drivers stuck in traffic or lost.

4. Controls Risk and Protects Your Reputation – It’s hard enough to make money - but it really hurts when you lose money to risks you can control. SkyTrack protects your vehicles, equipment, perishable cargo and on-board inventory from theft and other types of loss. In addition, SkyTrack users notice a drastic reduction in speeding, reckless driving and other risky behaviors that hurt both your bottom line and your reputation. And many states offer insurance discounts for organizations that use vehicle tracking technology, which can save you even more money.

5. Recovers Thousands of Dollars in Wasted Fuel Costs – Recent research reveals that the mileage being put on vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems is reduced by at least 15% over the course of a year. That can amount to thousands of dollars per vehicle. How does
SkyTrack reduce your fleet’s fuel usage? By enabling dispatchers to plan more efficient routes, locate and then redirect the closest vehicle to an unscheduled job or delivery – and, by eliminating employee behaviors that consume fuel unnecessarily.
6. Prevents Profits From Being Burned Away (Literally) – One customer’s experience is indicative of the surprising savings that can be realized thanks to our engine idling and Fuel consumption reporting capabilities: "As soon as we started using SkyTrack, we learned that many of our trucks would idle for as much as 25 hours a week, costing us a ton in wasted fuel that was completely avoidable.
7. Reduces Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Costs – Independent research has shown that organizations that employ fleet
management solutions experience an average of 11% reduction in vehicle maintenance and repair costs within the first year of service. Using SkyTrack’s service to monitor your fleet will immediately reduce driver behaviors that can impact vehicle wear and tear, such as speeding, excessive idling and unnecessary stops and starts.
8. Safety and security: SkyTrack provides integrated driver safety solutions to businesses that embrace a culture of ensuring employee and community safety and maintain the highest standards. Often termed a driver monitor, the solution provides key safety information and functionality.

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